Why you should try and limit the use of Word documents (offline) and move to Wiki / Google Docs

When you have a “Word document”, narrative style report – whether it is a PR/FAQ or a requirements document or any other:

  1. There is a tendency to automatically “Email” the document for sharing, comment, feedback, etc. That is the first sign of trouble.

The document now becomes unwieldy. Comments, overwrites, tracking changes, etc.

2. There is a need to create a visual from a lot of writing. Which means some variables in the document (e.g. dates of multiple releases) need to be parameterized.

The document now requires manual visual creation. Also a pain.

3. There is a need to convert the “document” to a presentation for sharing with larger audiences.

The content now needs rework in a new (presentation) format.

Which is why I have now given up writing on Office 365 and instead moved all the documents to Google Docs style shared writing or Notion style Wiki (or will use Microsoft Loop)

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